Wouldn’t it be nice to know what mysteries the future holds for financial marketing? Being proactive instead of reactive would be a refreshing change of pace for most, but how can you be sure what you’re investing time and money in is the best decision for you and your company? Unfortunately things got a bit […]Continue reading
After two full days of learning from and networking with industry leaders, it’s safe to say the 2016 DMFS Summit was a complete success. We came away from the 2016 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in New York with so much insight from so many amazing, knowledgeable people from all corners of the industry. […]Continue reading
Back in July, we wrote about how the recent news of the UK’s departure from the EU would possibly impact the exchange of data between European countries, as well as the world at large. Well, quite a lot has changed since then and what was opaque before is becoming increasingly translucent, so we thought it appropriate […]Continue reading
Knackered Nation Despite the effort to maintain a Churchill-esque “keep calm and carry on” outward appearance, Brits are secretly adopting more of a Margaret Thatcher “4 hours sleep is all the body needs” attitude, according to a recent study. The study, conducted by Aviva across 13 different countries in Europe, North America and Asia, found […]Continue reading
R.I.P. Vine: 2013 – 2016 It seems like only six seconds ago that Vine – the social media application which allows users to piece together short, looping videos to share with their friends and the internet at large – stormed its way onto the social media scene, with the help of its big brother, Twitter. Seemingly […]Continue reading
After the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 broke a cell phone manufacturing rule which no one even thought to consider, i.e. make sure your phone doesn’t explode, and failed to fix the problem even after a recall and re-release, the Galaxy Note 7 is finally being put to rest. According to a statement issued by […]Continue reading
In the modern tech world, as the titans of silicon valley go tit for tat, aggressively innovating on their neighbor’s good ideas in order to take a piece of their profit, we the consumers only stand to benefit from their corporate squabbling. Yet another example of this bounty was released this morning, October 4th, at […]Continue reading
Beginning April 2017, the financial management of retirement accounts is going to get a bit more complicated. Thanks to a law passed by the U.S. Department of Labor this past April, financial advisors will now be required to live up to a mandated “fiduciary standard” when dealing with their client’s portfolios. Origin The new legislature […]Continue reading