How important is leveraging data in wealth and asset management companies? “I think it is very important since it reveals a lot of essential information which is difficult to collect in any other way. The use of data becomes especially relevant for monitoring performance and investment activity. These processes can be effectively carried out based on […]Continue reading
Every marketer in finance Liked digital a lot 🎄 But cracking the code Was harder than thought 🎄 Data was siloed, user journeys fragmented And back to that data, it was barely segmented It could be the data wasn’t managed just right Or perhaps all the systems just weren’t very tight. But I think that […]Continue reading
You use it when asking your smart phone for directions, movie times, or the name of that one Spielberg movie with the kid from 6th Sense (A.I. with Haley Joel Osment), but can artificial intelligence make the leap from being a buggy, and somewhat trivial convenience tool into the sophisticated future of customer relationship management? Salesforce certainly thinks […]Continue reading
Beginning April 2017, the financial management of retirement accounts is going to get a bit more complicated. Thanks to a law passed by the U.S. Department of Labor this past April, financial advisors will now be required to live up to a mandated “fiduciary standard” when dealing with their client’s portfolios. Origin The new legislature […]Continue reading
In the weeks leading up to the UK’s EU referendum, experts clamored to have their opinions heard regarding the ramifications of the potential departure of the UK from the EU, alternately dubbed, “Brexit”. The doom and gloom speculation from experts in various fields was rampant and left many overwhelmed and bewildered. One of the primary problems with […]Continue reading
The most important consideration for any email marketer is their contacts. These people are going to define the success of anything you do, whether it’s gaining the opens and clickthroughs you need to reach your targets or the despair of receiving a flood of unsubscribes from uninterested recipients. Your contacts can make or break you! […]Continue reading