The financial marketing landscape has drastically changed in 2020. By now, the world has resigned to a new way of living. After doing extensive research and speaking with several clients to see how COVID-19 has changed their marketing outlook, we assembled a report to help financial marketers navigate this situation. We combined our clients’ qualitative […]Continue reading
We broke down some general lockdown email trends for April including high send volumes, smaller contact lists and less Coronavirus mentions. However, recipients remain engaged with high mobile and desktop interactions across hours and rife Easter activity. Any good marketer knows that global averages are not detailed enough because if you break down the data […]Continue reading
In 1918, the Spanish flu took to the grave around 50 million people worldwide. Based on past experience, it’s only normal to experience fear and panic with the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially with bleak health and economic projections in the near future. During a crisis, it’s expected to experience some psychological changes within society. However, […]Continue reading
There is no doubt that events have been one of the marketing channels that has been greatly affected by COVID-19. Here are some insights on how some of our clients see events evolve both during and after the pandemic. Webinars are suddenly popular Most financial services clients recognize the value of in-person meetings and live […]Continue reading
As the pandemic sweeps through the world, here are the changes our clients have seen in their email marketing activity from January to March 2020. Timeliness is a trend Due to fast changing market activity and frequent important announcements that drive it, we have seen a 40% increase in emails sent since the start of […]Continue reading