The financial services industry is changing – and it’s time for companies to embrace this disruption. In order to remain successful, businesses need to transform the digital journey of their customers. Providing a personal inbox experience has now become essential. In our first article on disruptive personalisation in financial services we discussed the importance of relevant, […]Continue reading
Regardless of where you are with your content marketing efforts, it’s impossible to tell if you’re where you need to be. Are you producing too much content and people just aren’t interested or are you producing too little and no one has noticed? We believe there is a happy middle-ground between the copy-paste content sweatshop […]Continue reading
The distribution of fund documents, such as KIIDs and fund fact sheets, has always been one of the key concerns for asset managers. With the current climate of cutting costs and optimising internal resources, there is a lot of pressure on the companies to improve their technology, processes, timelines, and even marketing materials. Is creating […]Continue reading
When you’re putting together your content marketing strategy, you should always have an end-game in mind. Creating content based purely on the whims of the creator is unlikely to serve your business and often ends up just adding to the noise on the internet. Taking a page out of the inbound marketing playbook, you should think […]Continue reading