The distribution of fund documents, such as KIIDs and fund fact sheets, has always been one of the key concerns for asset managers. With the current climate of cutting costs and optimising internal resources, there is a lot of pressure on the companies to improve their technology, processes, timelines, and even marketing materials. Is creating […]Continue reading
When you’re putting together your content marketing strategy, you should always have an end-game in mind. Creating content based purely on the whims of the creator is unlikely to serve your business and often ends up just adding to the noise on the internet. Taking a page out of the inbound marketing playbook, you should think […]Continue reading
If you spend a lot of time on digital and financial marketing blogs like we do, you know a popular theme of articles are “hacks” or “shortcuts” to achieving success with your content marketing efforts. However, the truth of the matter is that there are plenty of time and cost saving techniques for the distribution […]Continue reading
Knowing where to start when putting together your strategic marketing plan is often the most difficult hurdle to overcome. There are so many ways to go about reaching your target audience, but how do you know which will be most effective? For B2B marketers, there are two main schools of thought: developing buyer personas to focus […]Continue reading
You’ve read tons of articles on email, content and social media marketing. You know to make your emails responsive, to write well-researched content and share it on social media. But have you ever contemplated how all these pieces fit together within a successful digital marketing strategy? Do you want to zoom out and see the […]Continue reading
Every marketer in finance Liked digital a lot 🎄 But cracking the code Was harder than thought 🎄 Data was siloed, user journeys fragmented And back to that data, it was barely segmented It could be the data wasn’t managed just right Or perhaps all the systems just weren’t very tight. But I think that […]Continue reading
Content marketing is vital across all businesses, and the financial sector is no exception. Social media channels and blogs are always buzzing about content’s increasing power in the digital marketing realm and, with 2 million blog posts written every day and B2B marketing’s shift to the interests of individuals as opposed to businesses, it is […]Continue reading