You’ve read tons of articles on email, content and social media marketing. You know to make your emails responsive, to write well-researched content and share it on social media. But have you ever contemplated how all these pieces fit together within a successful digital marketing strategy? Do you want to zoom out and see the […]Continue reading
Every marketer in finance Liked digital a lot 🎄 But cracking the code Was harder than thought 🎄 Data was siloed, user journeys fragmented And back to that data, it was barely segmented It could be the data wasn’t managed just right Or perhaps all the systems just weren’t very tight. But I think that […]Continue reading
Content marketing is vital across all businesses, and the financial sector is no exception. Social media channels and blogs are always buzzing about content’s increasing power in the digital marketing realm and, with 2 million blog posts written every day and B2B marketing’s shift to the interests of individuals as opposed to businesses, it is […]Continue reading
From a general lack of social media presence to missing social media buttons in emails, it is far too often that social media is overlooked in financial digital marketing. It is often thought social media really has no place in a financial digital marketing strategy so it is largely an afterthought or, at best, social media links and promotions […]Continue reading
Should financial marketers worry about SEO? After all, isn’t Search Engine Optimization used predominantly for B2C businesses like restaurants, stores, the entertainment industry in an attempt to rank higher in organic searches and directly drive customers to their establishments? In financial services on the other hand (especially in investment management companies like Invesco, UBS and […]Continue reading
Since reading Inbound Marketing: Financial Edition, have you given thought to how your existing landing page performs? Or perhaps how a new landing page could help you convert more visitors into leads? Why are landing pages important? There are many instances when you can use a landing page – event registration, email preference center, promotional […]Continue reading
Bringing copy to life for brands in the travel or entertainment business is one thing. But what if you’re a fund provider presenting the latest developments in fixed income or a multi-asset class? The challenge is far greater. Not just because you can’t converse about tropical holiday destinations or the latest Oscar nominations, but because […]Continue reading