Marketers working in financial services need to provide results as well as meet various compliance regulations. Email marketing is an incredible tool that reaches your clients quickly, at a scale and it provides real-time tracking. To drive higher client engagement in your next email campaign, follow the 5 steps below. 1:1 Relationships Are Essential Asset […]Continue reading
66% of financial advisors get 6 or more emails from asset managers per day. 32% get 11 or more. With the increasing clutter in any given asset manager’s inbox, it has become more and more difficult to get your emails noticed. Making your email stand out without coming off as unprofessional or needy can be […]Continue reading
Making sure your company churns out enough emails to look active is no longer ideal; you need results to prove that your emails are being received and read, as well as to create engaging content so your audience doesn’t reach for the dreaded unsubscribe button. But how do you get your emails noticed? How do […]Continue reading
Financial advisers (FAs) have the unfortunate mix of busy schedules and crowded inboxes which means they have very little patience for emails that belabor their objective. 64% of Financial Advisers Skim an Email Before Deciding to Delete -StoneShot Digital Marketing Survey 2017 The good news is, as you can tell from the statistic above, most […]Continue reading
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to break (and fix) the internet, we all continue to circle around the same questions: Will AI eliminate the need for my job? Will robots take over? Where do humans fit into the mix? These same questions were asked, believe it or not, back in the early 1970’s when the […]Continue reading