As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to break (and fix) the internet, we all continue to circle around the same questions: Will AI eliminate the need for my job? Will robots take over? Where do humans fit into the mix? These same questions were asked, believe it or not, back in the early 1970’s when the […]Continue reading
April 6, 2016 – The Department of Labor (DOL) issues its final rule to expand the definition of the “investment advice fiduciary” under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) which will alter the required standard of retirement plan recommendations from financial professionals to clients. This expanded definition makes it legally necessary for all Continue reading
As the second week of a new year draws to a close, those recently bound by new year’s resolutions can either take pride in their dedication to positive change or shutter a twinge of shame from their weak will and hapless relapse(s). But, much like in your email marketing efforts, one shouldn’t be deterred by small failures, but should […]Continue reading
You use it when asking your smartphone for directions, movie times, or the name of that one Spielberg movie with the kid from 6th Sense (A.I. with Haley Joel Osment), but can artificial intelligence make the leap from being a buggy, and somewhat trivial convenience tool into the sophisticated future of customer relationship management? Salesforce certainly thinks so […]Continue reading
Beginning April 2017, the financial management of retirement accounts is going to get a bit more complicated. Thanks to a law passed by the U.S. Department of Labor this past April, financial advisors will now be required to live up to a mandated “fiduciary standard” when dealing with their client’s portfolios. Origin The new legislature […]Continue reading