From a general lack of social media presence to missing social media buttons in emails, it is far too often that social media is overlooked in financial digital marketing. It is often thought social media really has no place in a financial digital marketing strategy so it is largely an afterthought or, at best, social media links and promotions […]Continue reading
The tech world was saddened following the news of Ray Tomlinson’s death last month, the American programmer widely credited with inventing network electronic email and choosing the ‘@’ sign to connect usernames with destination addresses. Today, as we find ourselves longing for the latest bit of technology at every turn, we ask, “Where did it […]Continue reading
Bringing copy to life for brands in the travel or entertainment business is one thing. But what if you’re a fund provider presenting the latest developments in fixed income or a multi-asset class? The challenge is far greater. Not just because you can’t converse about tropical holiday destinations or the latest Oscar nominations, but because […]Continue reading
Marketers are all too aware that the path to a client’s inbox is a treacherous one. Spam traps, blacklisting, blocking, bulking and IP reputation have likely affected your email campaign performance at some point. So here are some tips to navigate your way around the deliverability potholes you may face, keeping you firmly on track […]Continue reading