Regardless of where you are with your content marketing efforts, it’s impossible to tell if you’re where you need to be. Are you producing too much content and people just aren’t interested or are you producing too little and no one has noticed? We believe there is a happy middle-ground between the copy-paste content sweatshop […]Continue reading
Planning an individual conference or event is demanding and labor-intensive. Add on more than a dozen different cities, venues, and guests, and you’ve got a stressful few months ahead. Hosting a successful roadshow requires lots of preparation, but more important than reserving the venue, gathering the speakers and hiring the lighting crew is nailing down […]Continue reading
Picking up where we left off in our Email Marketing 101 guide, it’s time to talk about creating and distributing email marketing campaigns. With these two guides combined, you’ll have the knowledge you need to start sending effective email marketing campaigns in no time! Campaign Building Once you’ve completed and agreed on the campaign brief with […]Continue reading
All-too-often, email marketers only skim the surface of their post-campaign reporting insight. When instead, you should be knee-deep in metrics in order to improve future email marketing campaigns. We compiled a list of the most common post-campaign reporting mistakes, and how you can avoid them to get the most from your valuable email campaign analytics. […]Continue reading
When you’re putting together your content marketing strategy, you should always have an end-game in mind. Creating content based purely on the whims of the creator is unlikely to serve your business and often ends up just adding to the noise on the internet. Taking a page out of the inbound marketing playbook, you should think […]Continue reading