It’s a fact of life: email coding is outdated and in many respects inept, being reminiscent of the Web in the 1990s. As we all eagerly await for email to catch up with the Web, there are tricks you can use to get creative and produce sophisticated and captivating communications. First on our list is the GIF.Continue reading
As more and more people use their phones to check both work and personal email, having responsive emails is becoming just as important as having a responsive website. If you’ve landed on this post you’re probably already aware of this, but you might need some more assurance before dishing out on a slew of responsive emails. And we don’t blame […]Continue reading
Google’s Gmail app for Android has reached 1 billion downloads, making it the second most downloaded app on Android devices, behind Google Play Services. Google’s Sundar Pichai announced the milestone over his Google+ this morning and, really, is anyone surprised?Continue reading
  The problem The finance world has a problem: fund documents are a pain to send and messy to receive. Many fund providers distribute the latest factsheets, KIIDs and prospectuses using methods as rudimentary as creating an Outlook email – with no level of quality assurance checks or any way of tracking email activity. With […]Continue reading
In the latest effort to dissuade thieves from targeting smartphones in the US, the CTIA and some of the biggest names of the mobile world announced they will be participating in the Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment, which mandates new models of smartphones manufactured after July 2015 offer a “kill switch” to remotely wipe all data and disable the device, […]Continue reading
As further proof that wearable technology is gaining momentum, Amazon recently launched a new storefront dedicated to it. Unveiled on April 29, the Wearable Technology store is stocked with smart watches, fitness bands, cameras, and healthcare devices from brands such as Samsung, Jawbone, Fitbit, and GoPro.Continue reading
Media consumption has no bounds. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers ensure we never have to disconnect, no matter where we are. Google Glass is one step closer to becoming a part of this list.Continue reading
Imagine a world where you can charge your smartphone battery in less than 30 seconds. You order a coffee and in the time it takes to brew your skinny vanilla latte, your phone is fully charged via an induction pad on the counter. StoreDot Ltd., a Tel-Aviv based start-up, invented a prototype battery that charges […]Continue reading