In 2017, responsive design is no longer a question of “if,” but of “how.” And this rule doesn’t just apply to websites either. Mobile email is constantly on the rise, so if you haven’t hopped on the mobile optimization bandwagon yet, time is running out! 88% of advisors feel that mobile-friendly capabilities could make fund […]Continue reading
Tesla’s new all-wheel drive Model-S, unveiled last week, is better and faster than its predecessor. In fact, its one of the fastest saloons ever made, giving even high-end sports cars a run for their money. What was that about electric cars being slow and impractical?Continue reading
When should you consider outsourcing? Here’s a hint, it’s not during the middle of a project you don’t have enough resources to complete. When it comes to email marketing especially, if you don’t have a designated email team, outsourcing should be an important consideration. Email marketing blends technology, communications, and analytics, and to have a […]Continue reading
In another example of the European revolution against after-work-hours communication, German automaker Daimler has taken steps to protect employees’ vacation time by deleting any emails they receive while away. The company’s newly installed software sends auto-replies and then deletes the potentially disrupting message from the recipient’s inbox, allowing the vacationer to Continue reading
To add to the long list of things we lose as we age, according to Ofcom’s latest Market Communications Report, our digital confidence and understanding peaks during our teens before gradually dropping until our late 50s and then plunging from 60 and beyond. The study measured the knowledge of communications technology of nearly 2,000 adults […]Continue reading
It’s widely-known that the technology industry is predominately a boys club, with women accounting for less than a quarter of computing and technical jobs. Big-name companies Google, Square, and Codecadamy are finally joining the ranks of organizations determined to get more women working in Silicon Valley. They believe that exposing girls to technology at a young […]Continue reading
What would the world’s collective handwriting look like? BIC, makers of the ubiquitous ballpoint pen, is determined to get an answer. The company is collecting individual’s handwriting from across the world in an effort to produce a “universal typeface.”  The Universal Typeface Experiment allows people from all over the world to submit handwritten letters of the Continue reading