Data is one of your most important resources, but maintaining its accuracy can take up many hours of your working week. Numerous spreadsheets and data lists for all of your various mailings can make data management a stressful and time-consuming process, however this doesn’t need to be the case. Segmentation can help you organise your contacts into more focused and relevant groups in the StoneShot app whilst also allowing you to create new lists with just a few clicks of the mouse.

By having segmentation for each of your regular mailings, you can easily assign or remove contacts from the mailing by simply selecting “yes” or “no” from a dropdown box. Then, when you create the distribution list for the mailing, you simply select everyone assigned to “yes” for that segmentation. This list can be used for all future mailings as it will automatically update every time you edit a contacts’ record.

Segmentation isn’t just about making your life easier though. It also enables you to create more targeted and relevant lists to send your emails to by categorizing your contacts into a wide variety of similar attributes, such as company, location, and previous response to your emails. This allows you to tailor your emails with content that is more relevant to your contacts.

If your email results are disappointing and your data management is becoming more and more of a chore, then the implementation of segmentation is a must. It’s a hugely successful tool that helps organise your data and make it more relevant. As well as increasing your open and click through rates by sending emails more suited to a specific group of contacts, you’ll also massively reduce the amount of time you have to spend each week organising a mailing list. It’s a win-win outcome.

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