Christmas comes but once a year and the excitement felt as the snow falls, is how fund marketers must feel when they hear the three magical letters ‘DMS’. Our Digital Marketing Survey has become a mainstay of the industry’s calendar for over seven years, and now you don’t have to wait all year for it! We’ve made DMS bigger, we’ve made it better, and all we had to do was split it into four. That’s right, DMS will now be available every quarter.

If you’re not sure what we’re on about, DMS is our research piece where we ask thousands of financial advisers across the UK, France and the US about their attitudes to email, events, social media and video. We get in touch every quarter, and then compile the results to help you make the best use of your marketing resources.

So in light of all four pieces now being ready, we’ve picked out a key stat from each piece of research to share with you.

DMS Email

More and more of us are using our mobiles to filter emails before we get to our desks. However, that’s no excuse for sending something that doesn’t display perfectly on mobile, by forcing people to wait to read your email on their desktop is limiting your audience. So if you’re sending your email at 7.30am for readers to enjoy on their commute to work, make sure they can read it or you’ve already lost 30% of your audience.


DMS Events

With our days getting ever busier, we asked advisers what time they prefer to attend events. As you can see from the chart below, morning was the overwhelming winner! It seems that nothing gets them arriving in their droves like a croissant or a bacon sandwich!


DMS Social

Social media has been tipped as the biggest game changer to the marketing arena, since the introduction of fancy HTML email all those years ago. Whilst it’s a thriving tool for finding out which of your friends is on holiday or what your aunt had for lunch, utilising its power in the financial sector isn’t quite as straight forward as you’d think.

Thankfully we asked the questions to help you on your way. 80% of advisers want quick access to your views on the market, and 82% also want market news.


DMS Video

If a video has the right content, people will sit and watch it for hours – Lord of the Rings managed it!

When it comes to the finance industry it pays to keep things brief. The majority of advisers want your pros, cons and Hollywood hit to be no more than five minutes. Less than eight minutes still keeps a third interested, but longer than that and it’s a Razzie award for you!


So there you have it. Four killer stats and they are just the tip of what’s on offer. If you’d like to hear more, drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to share with you advisers’ deepest and darkest marketing needs.