Our Development Team at StoneShot work closely with the Client Services Teams to get a good understanding of how our clients are using the app and what they would like to see improved. We have the flexibility to tailor our email platform to specifically meet the needs of fund providers with special features including tagging campaigns.

How does it work?

We believe that one of the most useful features of our latest V6 release is the ability to tag all your campaigns so that you can group them – that could be by fund, sector, by event or by marketing promotion.

It came to light that one thing was missing – the ability to report on these tags.

We have now added improved functionality to V6 so now when you filter your campaign by tag, you can choose to see a report on the tagged campaigns.

The report is the same layout as you’ll have seen when reporting by folder, but we’ve updated the columns and added sorting to make it easier to go straight to your headline stats.



What’s the benefit?

We’ve all been in the situation where we look at our data and find an anomaly that skews the outcome.

In reality, your clients’ engagement will widely vary depending on the type of communication you are sending and whether it’s a push or pull email. You’d expect stronger response rates for an upcoming event or fund launch than a weekly thought leadership piece.

With this new reporting feature, you can analyse not just individual campaigns, but also by event, theme, region or keywords. You can filter by any tag you have created. Most crucially, you can slice and dice the data to gain the insights you need without having to remove those anomalies that shouldn’t be in there.

So keep an eye out for the ‘Report’ button when you’re filtering by tags for an instant overview of your email stats.

For more information on V6 or the kind of email reporting we can help you with, please get in touch at support@stoneshot.com