Outstanding email marketing campaigns are always defined by the meticulous behind-the-scenes work that takes place weeks, or sometimes even months prior to a launch. Though, in B2B and financial institutions, it can sometimes be difficult to make a marketing campaign as engaging and appealing as our favorite retail shops and other personal emails that we subscribe to.

If we take a step back, however, and think about what the overall goal and objective of the email is, you will often find it’s similar to that of a B2C business. As financial marketers, we’re simply trying to inform a client or prospect of something we think they will be interested in, same as marketers in any other field.

By keeping the recipient at the forefront of our mind, here are a few tips for creating the best email campaign possible. These are good to keep pinned up or saved closely as a checklist of ways you can improve your campaigns in design, segmentation, efficiency and engagement.

12 tips for email marketing campaigns

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