Have you ever launched an email, only to realise it contained a broken or incorrect link? Or gone to the campaign reports screen to see how your email is performing, to find the open and clicks aren’t being recorded?

These are two common problems that can both be solved by ensuring you add open and click tracking to your emails before they’re launched.

Adding tracking opens a world of opportunities for analysis and insight. It enables you to monitor how many people are opening your emails, who they are, and which links they are clicking. You’ll also be able to change the destination of the links in your email once it has been launched.

How does click tracking work?

When you add click tracking to your emails, it adds a unique ID number to the end of all the links in your email which allows you to track when a contact clicks within an email. Open tracking is the same idea, recording when anyone opens your email.

Without click or open tracking you won’t be able to access the performance stats for your email. You won’t know if anyone clicked on any of the links, or if anyone even opened the email!

Adding click tracking to your campaigns

Adding click tracking to your emails is easy – with just one click you’re done.

On the ‘Test’ tab of your email, within the ‘Email Features’ tables there are four points with either a red cross or green tick. The green tick means it’s present in your email.

click tracking

To add tracking, just click on the green ‘Add’ button to the right of the ‘Click Tracking’ and ‘Open Tracking’ sections, and this adds the tracking for you. That’s it!

You can now launch your email knowing you’ll be able to track activity. Be sure to add tracking to both the HTML version and text version of your email.

A few things to keep in mind: If you go back into your email build after you’ve added tracking, it’s best to go back to the test screen before you launch to make sure that click and open tracking is still enabled, as going back into the build can remove it.

Also, if a yellow exclamation mark comes up, stating not all links are tracked, this may be because one or more of the links in your email has a space before or after it, or is formatted incorrectly. A link with a space won’t be trackable so it’s good practice to go back and make sure your links are all correct.


Changing the destination of a link after launch

Oh no! An email has gone out, but one of the links is incorrect and it’s pointing to the wrong page. We all know that feeling, but don’t panic, it’s easy to change the destination of tracked links, even after an email has launched, and you can do it yourself!

Here’s how:

First, you’ll need to go into the campaign that you’ve launched, and preview it. Hover over the link you need to change. In the bottom of your screen the link will appear, looking something like this:


The number after the {MEMBERURLID} is what you need. Make a note of the number for the links that need to be changed, and go to the ‘Links’ screen, under the ‘Content’ dropdown on the left hand side. In the search box enter your link number. Select the link you’d like to change by clicking on it, and simply change the link URL to the correct one, and hit save.

Now, anyone who clicks on the link in the email you sent out will be directed to the updated URL.

For more information on link tracking or if you have any questions on how to use the StoneShot app please get in touch at support@stoneshot.com