When should you consider outsourcing? Here’s a hint, it’s not during the middle of a project you don’t have enough resources to complete. When it comes to email marketing especially, if you don’t have a designated email team, outsourcing should be an important consideration. Email marketing blends technology, communications, and analytics, and to have a successful email campaign, you need to be pretty well versed in all three. If you’re not, this is where outsourcing comes in.

Here are a few benefits to having experts in email marketing work on your projects:

  2. Faster turnaround
  3. Insight that comes from understanding the market
  4. Strategy
  5. Reliable service and the assurance of service level agreements
  6. Rigorous testing across clients
  7. Informed on the latest technology
  8. Aware of new email regulations
  9. Proven working infrastructure
  10. Analysis of clicks, opens provided with guaranteed, regular reporting

Getting an email marketing service and doing campaigns yourself will save you money, but it’ll also require more work and could jeopardise quality. If your team isn’t equipped to handle all the idiosyncrasies of email marketing, mistakes are bound to happen. And email is unforgiving – mistakes are broadcast for all your clients to see.

We believe that working with email marketing specialists is well worth the investment. Whether it’s running the entire campaign from top to bottom or simply providing support in some areas, a little expert help goes a long way.

At StoneShot, our experts are eager to help you build, launch, and measure your next soon-to-be successful campaign. To find out more, shoot us an email at engage@stoneshot.com.