When you’re putting together your content marketing strategy, you should always have an end-game in mind. Creating content based purely on the whims of the creator is unlikely to serve your business and often ends up just adding to the noise on the internet. Taking a page out of the inbound marketing playbook, you should think about the purpose each piece of content you’re creating serves so you can measure your results against that goal. Also, consider doing some keyword research, which will help your content perform better in the long haul.

With the right strategy and resources, you can be simultaneously creating and reusing content that appeals to different subgroups of your audience. Here are some content goals you should consider when putting together your big-picture content strategy.

Appealing to New Prospects

In order to appeal to new potential sales leads, you need to create content that is valuable enough to stop them in their tracks and make them take notice. Odds are, your prospects skim through various financial content every day and don’t think twice about it, so it’s your job to take the time to create content valuable enough for them to give up their email address to get it.

This type of gated content will not only give you your sales leads’ information and let you know they’re at least curious about your company, it will also build your reputation and brand recognition.

When developing this type of content, you need to seriously consider every step of the way if what you are creating is truly valuable enough to be worth gating. Does it include statistics only you’re privy to? Is it written from an expert’s perspective? Is it the culmination of well-sourced research? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

Types of Content to Consider:
  • E-book
  • Webinar
  • Free online tools/resources

Determine Your Prospects’ Pain Points

A good marketing strategy is driven by addressing the problems of your clients. If you don’t know what these problems are exactly, you should use your content to address this gap in knowledge.

Once you understand of what your audience struggles with, you can develop content addressing these struggles and provide ways to alleviate those struggles with your services.

Types of Content to Consider
  • Survey
  • Webinar with Q&A
  • Blog articles addressing financial industry pain points
    • You can measure the engagement to see which ones your clients really care about

Convert Leads Into Clients

Once you understand your prospects’ pain points and have their contact info with your gated content, it’s time to start leading them down the sales funnel with your product-specific content. Let them know about your services and how they can be of direct assistance to your their investment future.

You don’t want to be too over the top to the point where the whole thing wreaks of a sales pitch, but you can tread the line between providing valuable information and letting your prospects know that you have the solutions they need.

Types of Content to Consider
  • Product explainer videos
  • Case studies
  • Competitor comparisons

Gain Your Audience’s Trust

By creating and distributing content on a consistent basis, you are giving your clients and prospects ample opportunity to get to know your point of view, level of expertise, and personality through your work. All of these qualities are important to establish via your content and can potentially build up or completely destroy a reader’s perception of you and your firm. This initial interaction can serve as a proverbial litmus test as to what it would be like if they decided to work with you.

If your audience doesn’t trust you, you won’t have an audience for long so focus on bringing your A game when creating your content of choice. Nothing builds trust like an extensive backlog of high-quality content, so keep your content creation consistent to build credibility.

Types of Content to Consider
  • Blog articles about current issues in your industry
  • Co-branded content with a fellow organization
  • Thought leadership articles

Educate and Retain Clients

Providing your current clients with quality content should be bundled into your client services package. It should also be your goal to provide content so valuable that it makes a legitimate difference in your clients’ loyalty. After all, you never know what will push your clients to refer you to new business so every little bit counts.

Keep them updated and educated on every new feature and change you make so they can fully enjoy what your to offer and never feel like they’re in the dark. Become a beacon of insight to them so whenever they’re curious about an aspect of your investment opportunities, there are already entire pieces of content created addressing their inquiries to which you can refer them.

Types of Content to Consider
  • Industry research
  • Free content made exclusively for them
  • Blog posts related to the financial industry

Hopefully these goals can provide you with some direction for your content so you can strategize accordingly. The most important thing at first is to focus on the content and ensuring its quality. As long as that’s covered, the engagement will follow.

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