Every year, Litmus – the email gurus who recently partnered with Microsoft Outlook to improve the program’s usability – publishes their research on the previous year’s trends across a spectrum of topics, all pertaining to email. The research covers a wide range of email-related topics, so we compiled a list of the 10 statistics we found to be the most relevant and fascinating to digital marketing in the finance industry.

1. iPhone Reigns Supreme

top email programs

Although the email for iPhone, Gmail, and email for iPad remained firmly in the top three spots for the past two years, the sheer diversity of email programs your recipients could be using reinforces the need for fully responsive emails, as well as a thorough testing process across all of the platforms mentioned above.

2. Mobile Market

mobile chart

Mobile remained the dominant platform for email, starting and ending 2016 at 54% of the market. Odds are you already have mobile-friendly emails, but you should be sure you’re getting the most out of them.

3. Mobile Revolution

mobile websites

The meteoric rise of mobile websites was a highly anticipated evolution of the digital space, helped greatly by innovations in responsive web design. However, there is a distinction to be made between mobile responsive and mobile friendly. Do you know which category your mobile site falls under?

4. Gmail > Email


In the past year, Gmail open rates have soared well over the competition, leaving fellow email platforms in the dust. Perhaps their surging success has something to do with their decision to support responsive emails in 2016.

5. Outlook < Pretty Much Everything

On the other side of the coin, emails in Outlook performed poorly overall but did see a slight increase in performance at the tail-end of the year. Perhaps the slight bump had something to do with Litmus partnering with Microsoft to make Outlook more user-friendly.

6. Spam Report

spam reporting

Although the sample audiences here are likely B2C consumers, the overall message is hard to ignore: relevance is key. Regardless of the audience, when someone receives too many irrelevant emails, they get sick of it pretty quickly. This is all the more reason why email personalization is so crucial to cultivating an engaged audience. Without at least some basic form of personalization, you risk alienating portions of your audience to the detriment of your future campaigns.

7. Preference Forms Are As Important As Ever

When asked if they had flagged promotional emails from a brand as spam because they couldn’t easily figure out how to unsubscribe, 50% of the 1,361 respondents said they had. There are several ways to avoid landing your emails in the spam folder, one of which is basic email design. The CAN-SPAM Act clearly lays out the requirement of a “clear and conspicuous explanation” of how your recipients can unsubscribe from receiving your emails in the future.

Getting marked as spam is no slap on the wrist, either. On certain email platforms, if 0.5% of your emails are marked as spam your account could be suspended. Just goes to show how important intuitive email design is!

8. Constant Communication

emails in production

The figure above demonstrates the sheer amount of emails that get sent on a constant basis throughout the year. With all of the contact needed to maintain a healthy business relationship with an audience of people, it becomes practically a full-time job. Luckily, with advances in marketing automation, you can take that massive amount of time dedicated solely to sending emails and cut it down by an extremely wide margin. Anything from welcome emails to document downloads can be automated into a marketing automation workflow so you can not only save all of that time and effort, you can also see exactly how your audience makes the journey from communication to sale.

9. Email Efficiency

email production

If you don’t fall into the 31.6% in the first column, it may be time to start considering some form of automation. Your emails, especially of the daily/weekly/monthly boiler-plate variety, can be set up to send automatically so you don’t have to waste weeks of your time planning identical emails.

10. Same As It Ever Was

email designs

Taking the time to meticulously design an email from scratch to promote a major event is a great way to get people excited and increase attendance. When marketing automation is handling your other updates and follow-ups, you are freed up to focus on the kind of details necessary to wow your potential attendees. You could also save even more time if you had a branded email builder that could construct a similarly beautiful email with just a few clicks.

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