There’s no denying that people would rather see a personalized marketing email than a generic one. It’s one of those things that seems so obvious and straightforward that you don’t even think about it until someone points it out. But more and more marketers are increasing their investment into personalization technology without ever stopping to […]Continue reading
Continuing off of our basic guide to email personalization last week, we’ve compiled some additional personalization techniques that require a bit more effort to implement but will put you in a much better position with your target audience. The more familiar your messaging is with your target audience’s predilections, the more they are apt to […]Continue reading
Knowing where to start when putting together your strategic marketing plan is often the most difficult hurdle to overcome. There are so many ways to go about reaching your target audience, but how do you know which will be most effective? For B2B marketers, there are two main schools of thought: developing buyer personas to focus […]Continue reading
What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency – a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security – which was created in 2009 by an anonymous person under the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Since it’s inception, Bitcoin has gained quite a lot of traction across the globe. At this very moment, there are several […]Continue reading
Nobody enjoys calling a business and having to speak to an automated answering machine. It’s slow, often ineffective, and forces you to endure a seemingly endless amount of Bossanova hold music.  So why wouldn’t the same principle apply with your digital marketing? When your clients and prospects feel like there’s a robot on the other […]Continue reading