As a digital agency catering to financial services, we have built lots of microsites for our clients. Oftentimes, it’s easier to spin out a microsite than to update a corporate website. However, without proper planning or a solid build process, issues can also occur on microsites. Some benefits of having a microsite are: Faster speed […]Continue reading
The financial marketing landscape has drastically changed in 2020. By now, the world has resigned to a new way of living. After doing extensive research and speaking with several clients to see how COVID-19 has changed their marketing outlook, we assembled a report to help financial marketers navigate this situation. We combined our clients’ qualitative […]Continue reading
Email is a huge marketing channel for the financial services industry. The StoneShot marketing automation platform saw thousands of email campaigns sent per month through our platform BC (Before Coronavirus) and noticed a 25% increase AD (After Domestication). With the gargantuan effort dedicated to this one channel, it would be useful to monitor if the […]Continue reading
We’re looking for energetic, driven Sales Development Representative to target financial services and FinTech accounts. Your efforts will be focused on researching prospects, outreach, qualifying opportunities, appointment making and supporting the rest of the sales process. We provide cutting edge digital marketing technology, analytics and agency services, and we’ll help you develop your Continue reading
We broke down some general lockdown email trends for April including high send volumes, smaller contact lists and less Coronavirus mentions. However, recipients remain engaged with high mobile and desktop interactions across hours and rife Easter activity. Any good marketer knows that global averages are not detailed enough because if you break down the data […]Continue reading