Marketers spend a lot of time and energy producing engaging and informative content. Moreover, they put a lot of effort in creating great subject lines and captivating calls-to-action as they are vital elements determining your email engagement and its overall success. Here’s how you can nail your subject lines and calls-to-action. Win Them Over with […]Continue reading
In today’s ever changing economy, consumers are constantly being presented with new products, ideas and ways of thinking much due to disruption with developing technologies and digital properties. Digital disruption has been affecting businesses, leaving what were once stable companies behind and creating new opportunities for others. If you don’t adapt you’re left in the […]Continue reading
Have you ever thought your email marketing processes can be easier? Chances are you are right.  High level of sensitive data, adherence to numerous compliance and legal guidelines, the necessity of accurate and seamless information flow across the business – all that adds up to the complexity of the financial services industry. The consumption of […]Continue reading
Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach your contacts, but to see its full potential, it should not stop after the email deployments. The analysis of campaign metrics will provide important information that could help sales and marketing teams successfully work together. Marketing campaigns capture invaluable data that reveals your contacts’ interests […]Continue reading
Social media is not the future; social media is right now. It’s not new anymore, it’s now a standard part of every sales and marketing strategy in every industry. Its primary purpose is to build brand awareness, foster engagement, and ultimately uncover and convert potential sales opportunities. It’s the perfect platform to connect with prospects, […]Continue reading