There is an affliction that plagues scores of email marketers every day and breeds anxiety and neurosis as soon as the “send” button is pushed. This scourge is called “Sender’s Remorse” and symptoms include immediate hatred of your email’s subject line and intense regret from not choosing your second option. If not treated immediately symptoms can quickly Continue reading
From a general lack of social media presence to missing social media buttons in emails, it is far too often that social media is overlooked in financial digital marketing. It is often thought social media really has no place in a financial digital marketing strategy so it is largely an afterthought or, at best, social media links and promotions […]Continue reading
After two full days of learning from and networking with industry leaders, it’s safe to say the 2016 DMFS Summit was a complete success. We came away from the 2016 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in New York with so much insight from so many amazing, knowledgeable people from all corners of the industry. […]Continue reading
Back in July, we wrote about how the recent news of the UK’s departure from the EU would possibly impact the exchange of data between European countries, as well as the world at large. Well, quite a lot has changed since then and what was opaque before is becoming increasingly translucent, so we thought it appropriate […]Continue reading
Should financial marketers worry about SEO? After all, isn’t Search Engine Optimization used predominantly for B2C businesses like restaurants, stores, the entertainment industry in an attempt to rank higher in organic searches and directly drive customers to their establishments? In financial services on the other hand (especially in investment management companies like Invesco, UBS and […]Continue reading