Today in Washington D.C., thousands of United States citizens are flocking to the nation’s capitol building to witness a time-honored tradition that harkens back to the gilded age. The day promises parades, speeches, concerts, fancy galas, and as much pomp and circumstance as one city can handle. However, much like a wedding, the somewhat somber institution of […]Continue reading
As the second week of a new year draws to a close, those recently bound by new year’s resolutions can either take pride in their dedication to positive change or shutter a twinge of shame from their weak will and hapless relapse(s). But, much like in your email marketing efforts, one shouldn’t be deterred by small failures, but should […]Continue reading
Where there was once the World’s Fair, the event where citizens from around the globe would travel to a foreign land to marvel at the technological wonders that the best and brightest of the age were putting on display, there is now an exhibition that garners nearly the same type of audience: CES. In 2016, […]Continue reading
Outstanding email marketing campaigns are always defined by the meticulous behind-the-scenes work that takes place weeks, or sometimes even months prior to a launch. Though, in B2B and financial institutions, it can sometimes be difficult to make a marketing campaign as engaging and appealing as our favorite retail shops and other personal emails that we subscribe to. […]Continue reading
So your links are on the correct device and in the optimal position in your email but, for some reason, you still aren’t quite getting the response you want to see. Could it be that financial emails are often lengthy or that financial professionals tend to click links as opposed to images? Regardless of the reason, if […]Continue reading
Every marketer in finance Liked digital a lot 🎄 But cracking the code Was harder than thought 🎄 Data was siloed, user journeys fragmented And back to that data, it was barely segmented It could be the data wasn’t managed just right Or perhaps all the systems just weren’t very tight. But I think that […]Continue reading