“The vote by the majority of Britons to leave the EU is to be respected as a democratic decision, but it does pose a severe test for the United Kingdom and the whole of the European Union with considerable economic risks. Politicians and investors now need to display prudence and foresight. Knee-jerk reactions should be […]Continue reading
All StoneShot email builder templates are made to be mobile responsive.  This means they’re built to look good on screens of many sizes – whether mobile or desktop. Email builder templates have a lot of options for layouts you can use, most have layouts specifically designed for adding images, and whenever possible you should use […]Continue reading
Just like with anything tech-related, the deeper you dive into the specifics of email marketing the more you’ll come across insider lingo that will have you reaching for your dictionary. Unfortunately, not even Merriam Webster can tell you what SMTP means. We thought we might lend a hand and fill that role, however. Please find this […]Continue reading
Which advisers are you inviting to your investment events? Are they the people most likely to come? Are you continually asking the same people to travel long distances? Could you make your invitation list even smarter? We spoke to 520 UK advisers as part of our Digital Marketing Survey and one of the most interesting […]Continue reading
In the weeks leading up to the UK’s EU referendum, experts clamored to have their opinions heard regarding the ramifications of the potential departure of the UK from the EU, alternately dubbed, “Brexit”. The doom and gloom speculation from experts in various fields was rampant and left many overwhelmed and bewildered. One of the primary problems with […]Continue reading
The most important consideration for any email marketer is their contacts. These people are going to define the success of anything you do, whether it’s gaining the opens and clickthroughs you need to reach your targets or the despair of receiving a flood of unsubscribes from uninterested recipients. Your contacts can make or break you! […]Continue reading
There are few things more frustrating than reviewing data from a lackluster email campaign and trying to guess the reason behind your low open and click rates. While it’s true a little bit of data is better than no data at all, that’s kind of like saying one contact lens is better than none. Sure […]Continue reading
Whenever you hear a company raving about how “game-changing” their new tech is, you may often assume it’s too good to be true, and most of the time you are correct in this assumption. You can usually tell by the vague description of the tech and the flowery, deliberately ambiguous language used to characterize it. […]Continue reading
Thank you! It’s been 15 incredible years since we first opened our doors with the dream of bringing modern marketing solutions to the financial world. We couldn’t have possibly made that dream a reality without your support so we thought we would take this opportunity to say “thanks!”Continue reading